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what we do at camp fun

This is for Camp F.U.N. (Families Unite Neighborhoods)

Camp F.U.N. (Families Unite Neighborhoods) is an exciting summer camp available to students in the Hilltop Communities. We hope the following information will answer some questions you may have and provide you the necessary information to start yourself on life- changing cultural journey you will never forget

Shadow Student Athlete Development Services, Inc (SSADS) is a non-profit organization. The objective of Camp F.U.N. is to develop students vision and lead students to get to know there neighbors through a holistic approach. The goal is to encourage school students to broaden their views of what the world is all about and make opportunities to experience different communities/culture.

CAmp f.u.n 2020 applications

Complete 1 form per camper

**Due to COVID-19, Camp F.U.N. will operate OUTDOORS ONLY. ALL PARENTS ARE REQUIRED TO CHECK THEIR CHILD DAILY FOR A TEMPERATURE CHECK. Any child with a temperature over 100 WILL NOT be permitted to camp & cannot return to camp until a negative COVID-19 test is provided. If anyone within the home comes in contact with the COVID-19, camper CANNOT return to camp for 14 days. All parents must submit a negative COVID test to return their child to camp. Every child is REQUIRED to wear a mask. We encourage all parents to send children with lunches; However, it is not required. We encourage parents to keep children home who have internal health issues (asthma, etc.). Please send any medication needed with your child to camp. **

camp dates

July 14th – August 14th, Tuesday- Friday.


free from 9am - 1pm
(Please note that Fridays are field trip days & we will return at 2:30.)


Poetry/Spoken Word, Dance, Photography, and Drumming


329 E. WARRINGTON AVE OFFICE: 412-708-4008

Transportation will be provided for all field trips and activities BUT NOT TO/FROM CAMP!
For Waitlist applicants, you will be notified when spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

In the event of Heat Advisory or Rain, Camp WILL NOT run.

more information

Shadow Student Athlete Development Services, Inc has been encouraging students to broaden their views of what the world is, and make opportunities to experience different communities. Some school students do make it around the city but not every student or their families feel comfortable to send their child to others neighborhoods. The summer camp will provide an opportunity to Hilltop school students to experience different neighborhood students, enhance their academic skills, fitness, and make community friends without the danger of being in a safe environment. We will also provide an opportunity to students to experience a different culture and life style, make friends with other students and broaden their perspective of the transit community.

At Camp F.U.N. we are seeking ways to effectively integrate education with social services, youth development, health and mental health resources so that all children are ready to learn. The goals and objectives for Camp F.U.N. will focus on implementing the following:

To have the opportunity to exchange their community beliefs and make friends with new students. This summer we will be transitioning Camp F.U.N. into a more cultural responsive camp. We will adopted the 7 principles of Nguzo Saba with the UN International Decade for People of African Descent as a process to create a global learning experience for students, staff, families and community members. We are imagining activities for students (and their parents) during lunch and who are utilizing the DREAM ROOM as perhaps a Design Thinking Lab experience. For example, camp counselors in partnership with Master Teachers can take the lead to design activities and projects for either (7) weeks or (7) groups for each principle that can include current projects within the pedagogy of the UN International Decade for People of African Descent. During the first week, we can engage in processes to define the context of this project for students, faculty, staff, families and community members. Then, week 2 –7 will focus on an Nguzo Saba principle which will be woven into daily requirements. The final week can serve as an exhibit and celebration.


  • To have the opportunity to exchange their community beliefs and make friends with new students.
  • To enhance their vocabulary language skills in both speaking and listening.
  • To fully immerse themselves in community engagement.
  • Provide leadership training opportunities for students.
  • Have the opportunity to make friends with the students.
  • Create a healthy learning environment over the course of the summer camp.
  • Enhance their reading skills.ActivitiesThe summer camp will be held from June 27 to August 12, 2016 from 8:30am-3pm. The program will include the following:
    • African Literature/History
    • Creative Writing
    • African Dance
    • African Drumming
    • African Arts and craft
    • 6 field trips
    • Swimming (Tuesday-Thursday)
    • Self-esteem and Identity classes
    • Video/photography Class

1. Breakfast and Lunch will be provided from City of Pittsburgh’s free lunch program.

2. Participants must serve for the entire duration of the program except for health complications or other unexpected conditions. Camp F.U.N. will issue a certificate printed to those
who have finished the whole program.

3. 12 years to 14 years old Participants are required to submit a reflection journal at the end of the program.

4. Participants need to bring swimming attire on swim days (Tuesday and Thursday)

5. Field trips will be on friday. (bring your own money)


Application Period is from April 30 to June 1, 2016. Applications must be received by Camp FUN office on or before June 1st. Please submit the application package through email at [email protected]. Application forms can be obtained at your school offices or downloaded online at the

− 6 ~ 14 years old (going to 1st grade to 8th grade)
− An Interest in learning different communities/culture − An Interest in learning to be physically fit
− Must be on great behavior
− Highly motivated
− Willingness to serve and help when required
− Good interpersonal skills and communication skills − Will accept redirection

-sports, or service projects.
− Group coordinator and scheduled planner are required for group leaders.

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