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Slide Founder Von served as Restorative Justice Practitioner in Pittsburgh Public Schools to support school staff by modeling culturally specific mentoring practices, managing class transition periods and providing intensive support through individual or group sessions to students that build and develop social emotional skills, and to activate the empowerment of parents to be equitable partners with school staff. Von takes on many roles, but all roles stem from a position of servant-leader. As a servant leader through the AIM initiative, Von leads by serving students, in schools and in their community. Von assess the barriers and resources of the community in which the student is in school and lives through observation, dialogue and a social capital tool to discover how best to mobilize what resources are needed and which resources are available in the community that can be activated. Von is seen, known, and available in the community of the students a process of relationship building that is significant and sustainable. In addition, he is the Founder and President/CEO alongside Dr. D.S.L. Madden Jr, Founder/President/CEO of Resurrection New Covenant Church Inc., Shadow Student Athlete Development Services, Inc and the Founder of Brothers of Christ now known as B.S.O.C. Where he steers several programs such as A.I.M. Initiative, Evolve, and Camp F.UN., to name a few. He completed his undergraduate studies at Clarion University with a Bachelors of Science in Sports Management, The College of Education, The University of Notre Dame, with an advance certification in Strategies in Conflict Management, Mendoza College of Business. Additional, to further his professional development, Von assumed a number of leadership roles with local and national organizations as listed: Senior advisor and assistant trainer with Two Tenth Speed & Agility, LLC, Vice President of South Side Bears Athletic Association, Former Director of Development/Personnel of Voices Against Violence, Former Board Member of the Beltzhoover Neighborhood Council, Head Basketball coach at Langley K-5 and Assistant football coach at Brashear High School. A facilitator at the 2014 University Council for Education Administration UCEA were he taught an “Innovative Process for Uncovering Community Assets and Building shared Leadership Capacity.” (November 2014) A facilitator for Pittsburgh Public Schools Equity Office were he educated teachers on “Building Culturally Responsive Relationships by Unpacking Effort and Engagement in Students of Color” (October 2014) A Facilitator with Pittsburgh Public Schools Equity Office were he engage teachers on “What Love Have To Do With It” an innovative approach of using stories to engage teachers on how to keep love at the center of what they do. (February 2014) A community expert for Duquesne University Educational Leadership Symposium (DELS) and the Community Learning Exchange (CLE) were he educated department chairs and professor on “How to Bridge the Gaps between Academia and Community.” (May 2014, 2015, 2016) A CORO subject matter expert where he taught on “Culturally Responsive Engagement Processes That Supports the Authentic Connection of Teachers, Families, Students, and Curriculum, in the Current Culture of Standardized Educational Practices.” (2013) As a national facilitator with The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, He taught 1st,2nd and 3rd year teachers from Yale, Columbia, Brown, and many other Universities about strategies for teaching in an urban school settings. (July 2012) As a former Linebacker with Clarion University, subsequently with, he is well-acquainted with the value of teamwork and what it takes to be a student athlete. His training on the field has equipped him with a unique set of skills that foster success off the field. Football has refined within him discipline, accountability, time management and versatility. It is for this reason that he is committed to the youth in his community. By volunteering 35 hours each month for the last several years, His determined to pay it forward and offer the young men and woman with whom he works the same opportunity that was afforded to him. Know The founder DeVon Madden, is an accomplished and resourceful community-centric leader in marginalized communities in south/west Pittsburgh; a transformation professional and leader who perpetuates an exceptional understanding of modeling for the youth and strategy building for best practices for community leaders when assisting youth outcomes. His proficiency stems in him having a pulse on the culture in the community and that enables him to be highly successful.

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